80 Minutes of Reiki Music by Reiki Tribe

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80 Minutes of Reiki is an album by Reiki Tribe. It features a mix of flute, Tibetan bowls, and sounds of nature.

1. To The Heart (A 10 – Minute Mix Of Healing Flutes & Tibetan Bowls)
2. Zen Relaxation Melody (Relaxing Tones)
3. Soothing Eyes (Flute For Relaxation)
4. Zen Waters For Healing (Flute & Nature Melodies)
5. Dreaming Indigo (10 – Minute Musical Meditation For Healing)
6. Beyond The Heart (Soothing Rain & Flute Melodies)
7. Flow (Oriental Flute Melodies For Reiki & Massage)
8. Finding The Healing Tones (Long Flute Tones For Reiki & Massage)
9. Sleep Therapy & Relaxation (Crickets Mingle With Asian Flutes)
10. Night Sounds Bring Healing
11. Reiki Magic (Meditation Music)
12. Reiki Breathe & Healing (Light Winds & Flutes For Reiki)
13. Touch (10 – Minute Reiki Suite Of Flute Melodies)
14. Temple Massage
15. Water Healing (Water Sounds & Flutes)
16. Peaceful Reiki Rain Storm
17. Energy Flow (Enerigizing Flute Melodies)
18. Reiki Colors
19. Healers Of The Moon (Night Sounds & Flutes)
20. Healing Feathers (Nature Sounds, Birds & Flutes)
21. Healing Rain (Rain Sounds & Flutes For Massage & Meditation)
22. Reiki Flutes & Touch

Reiki Music Editor’s Review:I found 80 Minutes of Reiki to be a very relaxing album that immediately gave me a feeling of peace. There is just something about the soothing sound of the flutes featured in this album that embodies the healing of Reiki. The Tibetan bowls and sounds of nature are a nice additional touch. The length of this album is an added plus, as you can leave it playing on repeat and not worry about repeating any of the same songs during a Reiki session.

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Ascension Rap by Astarius

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Astarius has Created this Music with the powerful intention to activate multi levels of Healing. In the beginning was Sound by which all things are Created! Sound is the access code, the bridge between Heaven and Earth. On these CDs, Astarius plays several instruments. His main expression is through the Didgeridoo and Vocal Harmonics. The Didgeridoo (an ancient wind instrument from the tribal Aborigines of Australia) produces multi leveled low and high tones, voices within voices reflecting Eternity (Everyone, Everywhere, Everywhen). While playing the Didgeridoo Astarius breathes in and out at the same time (circular breathing) producing continuous Sound with no pause. Through His Music He channels the Breath of God to activate Our Eternal Nature. Astarius also uses Vocal Harmonics to produce more than one tone simultaneously. These Vocal Harmonics consist of a fundamental low tone with high overtones, which activates the marriage between Spirit and Body. The Low Tone grounds the body while the High Overtones (as Spirit) lift the Body on Winged Songs of Ascension.

Reiki Music Editor’s Review: I am amazed at the power of Astarius’ music and chants. I felt an immediate resonance with this music the very first time I listened to it.  The Didgeridoo is very hyptonic.  Astarius uses the powerful vibrations from the didgeridoo in healing sessions and it works great when combined with the chants.   Ascension Rap is my favorite of his albums.

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Mantras for Precarious Times by Deva Premal

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Known for glorious, highly musical renditions of traditional Hindu chants, German devotional singer Deva Premal, with her husband, multi-instrumentalist Miten, strikes a balance between artful presentation and reverence. Premal incants these healing chants 108 times each, but with minimal musical accompaniment. She places less emphasis on melody and more on reverberating, soothing hum. Her intention with this release is to support her listeners; daily chanting practice. To that end, she includes instructions for appropriate applications of each chant (removing obstacles, creating abundance, joy, and bliss, etc.) Her gorgeous and resonant voice (familiar to Battlestar Galactica fans from the opening them music of the show) is multi-tracked for maximum effect, and the result is a hypnotic listening experience, even for people who don’t intend to chant along.

Reiki Music Editor’s Comment: I’ve always liked chanting for use in meditation and Reiki healing. The healing power of the human voice is amplified by the soothing chants.  Deva Premal has several great chant albums, Mantra for Precarious Times is one of my favorites.

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The Journey Within by Chris Handley Music

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The Journey Within was developed in 2003 by Chris Handley. Since the development of Zo Wanti music Chris has found peace and relaxation through the music that has been produced.

Creating this type of music takes more then just a few chord progressions, but a divine inspiration from the creator above.

Each recording session typically begins with a prayer of blessing over the music and our area around us, starting with a simple string sound for focus this will begin the down flow of synergy. Since the the beginning of his first album he has not cropped, altered or modified in any way from the first take.

The music he performs is focused on many aspects of healing from relaxing to stress relief, and a commitment to healing all who listen to this music has inspired Chris to continually play and record.

Chris Handley Music is truly dedicated to the art of healing through music.
Through the tones and vibrations created we can find peace, serenity, inspiration, and above all the true person residing within ourselves. 

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Tibetan Meditation Music by Nawang Khechog

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Tapping into the richness of Tibet’s meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog has created his most relaxing album yet—wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness. On Tibetan Meditation Music, Nawang combines Tibetan spiritual chants with his own masterful flute compositions.

The result is a soothing blend that has been embraced by many Tibetan and Korean monks, nuns, and people around the world from all walks of life—to enhance a meditative practice, or just to find a refreshing moment of pure serenity.

In a unique approach on this recording, Nawang de-emphasizes rhythm and uses subtle accents of vocals, bells, percussion, and Western classical instruments to enhance the calming and spacious sound of his meditative flute and Tibetan spiritual chants. As his most tranquil recording to date, Tibetan Meditation Music has a timeless quality that evokes the feeling of sitting on a Himalayan mountain, gazing into the infinite space with natural freedom and eternal peace. This is the perfect musical accompaniment for meditation, yoga, tai’chi, Reiki, healing—and complete relaxation.

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Feathertouch: Music for Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Meditation by Marilynn Seits

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Marilynn Seits is an accomplished jazz musician. Her many years of recording experience have prepared her well for this terrific album Feathertouch: Music for Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. This Reiki Music album is composed of sustained notes and beautiful electronic chords, Feathertouch was specifically designed for use during Reiki treatment. A lifelong student of this Chinese healing method, Marilynn created a very rythmic musical meditation. The slow moving tones weave in and out of each other, much like the energy of our own bodies. Many of the sustained notes were chosen because they represent the same audio frequencies of the various chakras of the body. For instance, the root chakra is the musical note C. The opening lines of this album focus on C to stimulate the opening of the root chakra during bodywork.

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Ocean of Silence – Music for Reiki and Meditation, Vol. 3 by Shajan

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Drift on a river of sacred sound and feel the glow of natural healing energy – On this deeply relaxing third release, Reiki-Master Shajan creates a totally serene and nourishing environment with soothing melodies and harmonies of Piano, Flute, Guitars and Keyboards, blended with the pure sounds of ocean waves, whales and dolphins which make for wonderful Reiki Music. Experience wholeness of body, mind and spirit with this ideal music for Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Massage. Shajan relies on his extensive knowledge as a Reiki-Master to create compositions that emanate blissful waves of healing energy.

Original Release Date: April 1, 2007


  1. Still Waters
  2. Deep Blue
  3. Dolphins and Dreams
  4. Voices of The Whales
  5. Magical Island
  6. Pasific Coast
  7. Seaclouds
  8. Ocean of Emotion

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